Palmieri Cafe In Dallas Farmers Market

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The Dallas Farmers Market is fresh with exciting events and authenticity! I recently met with my friend Corrado Palmieri of Palmieri Café located in THE SHED (which was previously Shed 1 where fruit and vegetables are sold) You can find him here every Saturday and Sunday 8am-3:30.  Come early because he is usually SOLD OUT!
Here is a little background on him and his appetizing confections:

I’m an Italian who moved to Dallas in 2010. I arrived here for my full time MBA at SMU. I have a dream to start a coffee shop since when I was 15 yrs old and it happened that I’m starting it here in Dallas, at the Dallas Farmers Market. Palmieri Cafe will be the coffee shop of the Dallas Farmers Market. The opening will be in March 2015, when the renovation of shed 2 will be completed. 

I already bought the best Italian espresso coffee machine (it is the Ferrari of the coffee machines) from Italy and shipped it here already. Since February of this year I have started offing a selection of Italian pastries at the Dallas Farmers Market. I bake pastries that are perfect compliment to coffee. Fresh and natural. Also authentic, because Italian pastries is all what I know how to make and I do it with the best local ingredients. 

The coffee shop will be a full line coffee shop: Italian authentic espresso, cappuccino, macchiato and American brew coffee. When it comes about the brew coffee I’d like to source it from a local roaster. – Corrado Palmieri


That’s Italian! These are Graffa, Cannoncino and Taccotto!




Here are a few of my favorite baked confections that you can indulge yourself knowing they are made from the best ingredients.  Come visit Palmieri Cafe this weekend and taste for yourself!

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