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According to the Dallas Morning News last Thursday, in the administrative building of the Dallas Farmers Market, artist and SMU’s bad M.F.A.-er Dan Rizzie unveiled his new logo for the market awaiting its $64-million makeover. It’s just the beginning of his work at the downtown market: Rizzie, who Rosanne Cash cites as an inspiration, has also been named “art director,” which developer Brian Bergersen says will extend to everything from the color scheme to the artwork expected to hang throughout the market.

And expect it to look different sooner than later: Bergersen says the redo, funded with $15 million out of the Farmers Market TIF, will begin in March, when Shed 1 — the local farmers’ shed — get its do-over. The developer says that is expected to take 90 days. The locals will spend that time in Shed 3, meaning the folks who are in there now are about to be told their time is up. Come May, Shed 2 — the food court presently dominated by Pecan Lodge — will close to begin its makeover, which Bergersen hopes to wrap up by October. In case you needed to know when Pecan Lodge’s new Deep Ellum digs absolutely have to be finished.

Some of the tenants will be moved to the new Shed 1 while work’s being done on the enclosed food court.

Says Bergersen, the time line changed because he’s been told by the city that he no longer needs to tear up and replace the massive storm sewer line that bisects the property. That came as a huge relief, because, as he put it last night, no one ever wants to pull a sewer line out of the ground. Construction needs to start soon: Word is the new Shed 2 tenants will be announced as soon as ground is broken on the new-and-improved market. Which means we should know something by … early March? Hard to say.

But the Dallas Farmers Market could be included as part of the city’s bid to win the Republican National Convention in 2016. Phillip Jones, president and CEO of the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, introduced Rizzie Thursday and said he saw “half a dozen [venues] at the market we can put on the list” being submitted to the GOP. Jones said Dallas needs to show it has at least 100 suitable venues for private parties, VIP gatherings and so on.

But I know what you really want to know: What does Mayor Mike Rawlings think of the new logo? Well, he couldn’t make it to the unveiling, but he did send some opening remarks in which he reviewed Rizzie’s work and insisted it fits right into his so-called Four Bold Goals for Dallas. As in:

It is my great pleasure to congratulate the dedicated leadership of the new Dallas Farmers Market on the splendid new logo designed by nationally acclaimed artist, Dan Rizzie, being unveiled tonight.

It was truly an exemplary and visionary decision to recognize the value of engaging an artist of his stature to create the new brand for the Market’s future.

I am especially pleased that this is one of the first initiatives toward achieving one of my Four Bold Goals for Dallas since I announced them earlier this month. The Bold Goal to which I refer is:

For Dallas to be a destination for the world’s greatest artists.

Former Dallas resident, Dan Rizzie, certainly fits the description. His work is in the esteemed collections of the finest galleries and museums across this country from New York’s Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Modern Art, to our very own Dallas Museum of Art. As a former Dallas resident, and current Dallas devotee, Dan Rizzie, is an Honorary Dallasite wherever he is.

And, tonight, Dan, I am happy to say, welcome home.

Mayor Mike Rawlings

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