I Believe In Pink-Fairy-Dusted Unicorns

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Photo Source:Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Photo Source:Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Valentine’s Day squeezes all the spontaneity of any authentically affectionate gestures into one day.  The demand to meet such expectations has becomes predictable.

I do however believe in the magical majestic powers of unicorns. These mystical one-horned creatures have been been a part of folklores that nobody has really proven to exist. Until now!

Yes, I have encountered a limited quantity of these tasty, tiny creatures that you too can capture! Enjoy these rare pink fairy-dusted unicorns made up of 72% chocolate while they are still available at any of the three Dude, Sweet Chocolate locations.

Celebrate the love you’ve come to know well, break your expectations and laugh because love is best expressed with sincerity, creativity and…incredibly- cute- PINK- UNICORNS!

Dude, Sweet Chocolate – Greenville

1925 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75243



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