It Is The Beginning Of A New Year

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Las Vegas vibrantly screams with its exaggerated decor and  fearlessly combines neutrals and brightest lights. This is the perfect place to welcome this New Year.  I am surrounded by so many contrasting views and unlimited possibilities!


Where else can you find Italy, France, and New York in the same zip code? So many places in this new year to see and to eat at, shows to view, shopping, gambling, but for me I enjoy securing seated serenity beneath a plush palm tree while I dry from my swim in the heated pool. With so many decisions, places to go and things to see–sometimes it is easiest to stop, relax and not be overwhelmed. It is moments like this I treasure the beauty of choice.


2014 has so many accomplishments waiting for me and challenges to be seen. This will be the year full of choices.  I will remember today—this warmth of sun shining.

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