Looking Good In The Neighborhood

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Every home has been built with the intention of one day being lived in.  They provide more than shelter or property to hold your possessions.What I enjoy most about being a Realtor is being involved with my clients and hearing the stories that dwell.

Each client has needs specific to what they consider a home to be for them.  My client Dawn had been struggling with the decision to sell the home she had lived almost a decade of her life in.  “This home is a part of me that I enjoyed with my 2 dogs.  But now I am ready for a change, and am excited for what the future brings.”  It was not a decision that she made so suddenly.  It took some time for her to consider her needs and determine whether selling her home would give her the opportunity she was looking for.  “I have always wanted to continue my fashion designing and move to another city,” I remember our discussions about her goals and she determined that –selling her home would allow her the freedom to live one of her dreams!


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